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How do I reset my login details?
Contact the Client Support Centre for assistance on 0860 110 161 or +27 11 286 9663

When will my trade require manual intervention?
During periods of extreme volatility
During key economic events
Should any of the predefined credit parameters be exceeded

What are the cut-off times?
Specific to each underlying currency

What happens if I do not accept the quotation within the allocated time?
A time out will be displayed and a new price has to be requested

What are the trading hours?
Business days from 8.00am to 5pm

What is a Spot?
A spot transaction is a standard currency trade where settlement occurs in up to two business days.

What is a Forward?
A Forward Exchange Contract, commonly known as 'FEC' or "Forward Cover' is a contract where a rate of exchange is fixed immediately, for the purchase (or sale) of one currency in exchange for another, for delivery at an agreed future date.

What is a Swap?
FX Swap is a transaction made up of two legs, a spot and a forward. The one leg consists of a sale, and the other of a purchase of the same currency and amount.

What is a Time Option?
A foreign exchange option (commonly shortened to just FX option or currency option) is a derivative financial instrument where the owner has the right but not the obligation to exchange money denominated in one currency into another currency at a pre-agreed exchange rate on a specified date

What is an Exchange rate?
An exchange rate is the price of one currency in terms of another currency.

What is a Value date?
The date on which a deal will mature and be settled

What is a Tom?
A tom transaction is a standard currency trade where settlement occurs one business day.

What is an Overnight?
An overnight transaction is a standard currency trade where settlement occurs on the same day as the booking date.

What is a Currency pair?
Refers to the two currencies being traded, one in exchange for the other.



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